Concord Sings!

We are into the second month of school and we are singing up a storm!  This year, we are fortunate enough to have a brand new music room.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade are now learning in a new music space for general music.  You can see ukuleles, drums, xylophones, boomwhackers and much more available for student use.  I am looking forward to a magical and noisy year of music in this new space!


On Monday, October 9th, all students K-5 will participate in an “All School Sing” during our morning assembly.   We will join our voices together as one to sing our own version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. Students have all been learning this song in addition to other music class activities.  The lyrics of this song speak about the natural beauty in the world around us and how we can see that same beauty in the people around us.

In Kindergarten-5th grade, we have had some wonderful discussion around the things that make us stop and think “What a wonderful world!”  Here’s just a few of the items we brainstormed…

  • Our families (students listed: aunties, uncles, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, best friends that are so close that they ARE our family, and much more)
  • The night sky
  • The beautiful animals
  • Flowering trees at our houses
  • Knowing that our family loves us even if they are far away
  • Friendship
  • Our school and teachers
  • Videogames and how lucky we are to be able to play them
  • How big our world is
  • Books and libraries
  • Music and how we express ourselves
  • Food! (And specifically the food we have memories attached to)
  • Our pets
  • The sunset and the different colors that the sky can be
  • Trees changing colors

I feel very fortunate to be back at Concord this year.  Working with these bright students in our growing music program makes me think to myself “What a Wonderful World!”


Donorschoose Project Fully Funded!

For the THIRD time this year, our community has come together to support our music department.  I am overwhelmed by the generous support and kindness that all have shown for our students.   The lovely rug pictured below is now on its way to transform our music classroom!

Shown in Round

Thank you for your support in transforming our music space. Our students DESERVE high quality materials, and a dedicated space for musical learning. You have made this possible. Without your support, our music program would not have grown and flourished over the last few years. Thank you for helping to create a beautiful music space for our students. Thank you for helping us to fight the good fight. 🙂

With gratitude,
Ms. Staire


Culturally Responsive Teaching in The Seattle Public Schools Visual and Performing Arts Department

Today, arts teachers from across the Seattle Public School district will be partnering with the Council on American-Islamic Relations-WA for a unique professional development opportunity.


Islam Arts & Culture: Providing Teachers with a Pathway for Engagement

In this workshop, K-12 arts teachers will build their understanding of the culture of Islam in our community and how to engage with families around arts education. Emphasis will be placed on family engagement, with a focus on relationship building that empowers families and teachers to work together as partners in the arts learning process.  Proven tools and approaches to building effective relationships, including dialoguing about arts education will be shared as well as readily available resources to support ongoing inquiry and learning.  Question and answer opportunities will be built into the session to foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment. 


This course was developed in response to feedback received from the Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning Survey that was administered in spring 2017.  The results of this survey showed that teachers wanted supports in being culturally responsive, especially related to racial equity, resources, and materials. This training responds to this need through the lens of Muslim culture.


  • Jasmin Samy, Civil Rights Director/Interim Executive Director Council on American-Islamic Relations-WA
  • McKenna Lux, Civil Rights Team Member Council on American-Islamic Relations-WA
  • Anita Koyier-Mwamba & Mohamed  Roble, SPS School and Family Partnerships


Student Recording

We Shall not be Moved

Our concert was in part inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and the dream that he had for our world.  At Concord, we believe in standing up for that which we know to be right.  This song (sung by Ms. R’s first grade class) talks about how we will stand up for our beliefs, and work together to create a world that is free for all.

We hope you enjoy first grade’s performance of the song “We Shall not be Moved”


Taiko drumming and O Mochio

La clase de Ms. Barajas presento dos canciones de Japon.  El primero era un rima que se llama “O Mochio.”  La segunda cancion era nuestra version de Taiko drumming.

Esperamos que les gustan!

Ms. Baraja’s class presented two songs from Japan.  The first was a rhyme called “O Mochio.”  The second was our version of Taiko drumming.

We hope you enjoy!



O Mochio 





Cambio de Fecha para el Concierto de 4to y 5to / Rescheduling 4th/5th grade Concert

Estimadas familias,

Buenas tardes!  Mi nombre es Ms. Jessica Staire y tengo el privilegio de ser la maestra de música aquí en la Escuela Primaria de Concord Internacional.  Esta semana, teníamos programado un concierto de música para todos los estudiantes de 4to y 5to grado.  Les escribo hoy, después de hablar con los estudiantes, sus maestros y la administración, para informarles que cambiaremos la fecha del concierto al 13 de febrero.

Los estudiantes se esfuercen por un alto nivel de logros en sus actividades musicales, y por lo tanto, les gustaría presentar sus trabajos en ese mismo alto nivel. Por diversas razones, muchos estudiantes no han tenido la oportunidad de sentirse totalmente cómodo presentando su aprendizaje.

Como una maestra, eso es lo más importante:  Cuando nuestros estudiantes suban al escenario, siempre queremos que ellos se sientan confidentes, cómodos y orgullosos de su trabajo.  Queremos que ellos pueden reconocer todo el trabajo que han hecho para llegar a ese momento tan fantástico de presentarlo a sus compañeros y sus familias especialmente porque ellos han logrado tanto. Ellos merecen la oportunidad de demonstrar todo que han logrado durante este año escolar.

Según todas estas metas, vamos a cambiar la fecha para el concierto.  El concierto de 4to y 5to esta reprogramada para martes, el 13 de febrero.   Entiendo que esto puede crear algunos desafíos para las familias y disculpa sinceramente por las dificultades que esto puede causarles, pero realmente creo que este cambio creará un mejor ambiente para los estudiantes y les dará a todos la oportunidad de brillar. Si tiene preguntas, no dude contactarme directamente en

Gracias por lo todo que hacen,

Srta. Jessica Staire


Dear families,

Good afternoon! My name is Ms. Jessica Staire and I have the privilege of being the music teacher here at Concord International School.  This week, we had a music concert scheduled for all students in 4th and 5th grade.  After speaking with students, their teachers and administration, I write to you today to inform you that the date of the concert has changed to Tuesday, February 13th.

The students have been striving for a very high level of achievement in their musical pursuits, and therefore would like to present their works at that this same high standard.  For various reasons, many students have not had the opportunity to feel completely comfortable presenting their learning.

As a teacher, this is the most important to me:  When our students present, I want that they always feel confident, comfortable and proud of their work.  We want students to be able to recognize all of the work that they have done to arrive to this fantastic moment of presenting to their classmates, families especially because they have achieved so much.  They deserve the opportunity to demonstrate all that they have achieved during this school year.

Accordingly, we are going to change the date for our concert.  The 4th/5th grade Winter Concert is rescheduled for Tuesday, February 13th.  I understand that this may create some challenges for families, and  I sincerely apologize for the difficulties this may cause.  However, I truly believe that rescheduling our concert will create the best environment for students and give all students the opportunity to shine.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly at


Thank you for all that you do,

Ms. Jessica Staire